Brief Version of our General Business Terms (German: AGB)

Our offers base on information given us so we assume no liability. The object evidences of NOACK Immobilienberatung are subject to confirmation; prior sale or prior letting resp. lease reserved.

Previous Knowledge
If the opportunity of conclusion of a contract offered by the NOACK Immobilienberatung is already known to the recipient, he/she has to tell this instantaneously and also to give proof on request.

Claim to Commission
The claim to commission originates as soon as a contract on the basis of our proofed offer or at the intercession of our agency comes into existence.

Rates of Commission
As per our offers enclosed business terms (German AGB) and according to special remarks on this website resp. our offering letters/e-mails.

Place of Fulfillment and Jurisdiction
Berlin is fulfillment-place and jurisdiction in the framework of the allowable.

The complete General Business Terms and Conditions of our firm (German language) are to find in our written offers. Of course you can get them by fax or e-mail (PDF).

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